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"Maggotron (born James McCauley, and also known as DXJ, Maggozulu 2, Planet Detroit and Bass Master Kahn) is one of the pioneers of Miami bass music. He uses samples from many sources, and is influenced by ParliamentFunkadelic and Earth Wind and Fire among others. In 2000, he worked together with his former engineer Bass Mekanik on the album Bass Alien – Tales from the Lo-Zone. In 2001, he mixed and compiled a CD featuring Miami bass classics for empirewerks music: Super Bass – Original Old School Booty Shakers. The same year, his compilation Electro Jamz from the Vaults of Jamron Records brought Miami bass and electro tracks from his early days as a producer and performer. Due to pressure from Pandisc Records, the humour in his later work for Pandisc became less notable.DXJ's earlier work was characterised by its humorous approach, which can also be seen in his use of pseudonyms. Musically, DXJ's music is characterised by its use of electro/bass beats and rock guitars, as well as vocal samples from all kinds of sources. Cultural and ethnic diversity are also part of the fabric of Maggotron's sound. Men and women of various nationalities have helped work to achieve the sound that Maggotron is noted for Internationally known, DXJ'S Contributions to Miami Bass, Electro or Street Music has influenced Break beat, Crunk, Ghetto Tech and other genres of music. Miami Bass/Electro itself is a hybrid branch of the Hip Hop /Electro Music genre/style." Quelle: Wikipedia

Maggotron - Da Flo